The affiliate marketing scene hasn't been really active in Asia all these while. Probably it's because most of the affiliates are from Europe & Western countries. The latest event that was being held is The Ngo & Nickycakes Bangkok meetup September last year.

This time, however, it's gonna be different because the STM/F5 crews are throwing the BIGGEST affiliate meetup ever in Asia! It will take place in Bangkok, from 14th to 16th March. More than 300+ affiliates have already registered as an attendee so if you are in Asia, please make your way to this event!

Check out this event @ their official Facebook page –>

Click on the event schefule for more info
Click on the event schefule for more info

Who Should Be Going?

  • If you are in the affiliate marketing scene and learning how to make money online, this event is definitely for you!
  • Veteran marketers who want to party like you did in ASW/ASE!
  • Those who want to meet new friends – we all know most of the affiliate marketers are lone rangers so it's a very good chance to meet like-minded personnels.

How Can I RSVP To This Event? How Much Does It Cost?

  • RSVP here! It's mandatory! ->
  • Thanks to the courtesy of STM/F5 crews, this even is FREE for everyone! (I don't normally use this word on my landing pages but this time I have to!)

What To Expect? What To Prepare?

  • There will be hours of speeches from industry experts like Lorenzo, Jordan, Besmir, and others during the official meetup @ Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit – 7pm to 11pm on the 14th of March. Want to know what do the successful affiliates do and what kind of life they are leading? You should be here!
  • Campaigns not making money? Feel lost? Bring all your questions that you may have and they will all get answered! P/S – Avoid ask silly questions like “How much are you making per day now?” or “What are the traffic sources/campaigns you are running now?”, it will only make you sound stupid as no one is gonna out their own campaigns.

What You Should Do During The Event?

  1. Talk to everyone during the event! Do not think that just because you are new, nobody would want to talk to you. Successful affiliates are normally those that willing to take the initiative in doing things. So break the ice by saying hello to everyone that you meet!
  2. Look smart! Keeping a good impression on first met is very essential as it determines how the others would perceive you. Smart casual is a good choice as we will be heading to an after-meet-up party. So if you see someone comes with short & sandal, he must be a low-profiled super affiliate (well just guessing).
  3. Get your name cards ready – I doubt anyone can remember all the guys you will be meeting. So it's always good to bring a name card to introduce yourself, like what you do, what vertical do you run traffic etc. People will be more likely to remember who you are and keep in touch after the meetup. You'll never know who you gonna meet.

As for myself, I will be speaking during the official meetup. Mostly cover topics on the challenges an asian affiliate marketer would face, and how do I overcome them.

If anyone from Malaysia is attending, hit me up! And look forward meeting you guys there!

    2 replies to "The Biggest Affiliate Meetup EVER in Asia!"

    • Claudio

      Hey Benjamin, maybe you can help me out. Don’t know if I should go, as I didn’t launch a single campaign yet and I’m not a STM member. My plan was to start when I’m back from traveling, in one week, but as I’m in Asia right now, I could extend my stay for 10 days and take part at the meetup or maybe even the island part as well. Would you say it is worth going for someone in this situation?

      • Benjamin Yong

        Hey man,

        Just ask yourself if affiliate marketing is something that you wanna tap into. If your answer is yes, then you should not miss this event! Regarding if you’re a STM member or not, this is not an issue at all. As long as you want to explore this further and meeting new friends, you should come 😉

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