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Who Is Benjamin Yong?

Benjamin Yong is an affiliate marketer from Malaysia. He has been in the online performance marketing space for the past 9 years and he is the master of various paid traffic sources which include social, search, display, native, and pop. He is also a speaker, and a coach. Being known as a STM Thought Leader (at StackThatMoney Forum), his humble beginning and success stories have inspired many entrepreneurs to start a business online.

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How I Can Help Your Business

With many years in the performance based online marketing industry, I have help businesses to achieve more than 8 figures in revenues.

For conversion optimization, I have help businesses to improve their website funnel to improve the overall conversions.

For paid traffic, I have advised companies on what is the best traffic source for them to pursue in order to get their most targeted visitors.

For ads performance, I have also helped companies to improve their advertising campaigns and for the same amount of money they spent, they are seeing more than 50% boost on the dollar spent.

Get in touch today and let me help you with the marketing side of your business.

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