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EXTRA BONUS - How To Survive The FB Game In 2019!

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Benjamin Yong is an affiliate marketer based in Malaysia. He has been in the online performance marketing space since year 2010 and to date, he has become the master of various paid traffic sources which include social, search, display, native and pop. He is also a speaker, a coach, and the founder of an online marketing agency which has more than 50 people.

Being known as a STM Thought Leader (Stack That Money Forum), his humble beginning and success stories have inspired many entrepreneurs to start a business online.

What will you learn from this blog:

The Cost Per Action Marketing (CPA) fundamentals

Step 1

When your campaign is not making a positive ROI, what could have gone wrong? Your ads? Your landing page? Without having a solid fundamentals in CPA marketing you won't be able to turn campaigns into profitable stage.

How to launch campaigns with higher chance of success

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Often, there are certain key things which enable one to launch campaign with higher chance of succeed. It involves using a combination of the right ads + the right landing pages.

Why some people will fail - and how you can avoid that

Step 1

My mistakes are your lessons. Take the shortcuts that I've created for you without needing to go through all the hardships which someone else has already gone through.

Make a plan for future campaigns

Step 1

Online marketing is a dynamic industry. How can you survive and thrive in an environment like this?

Accelerate Your Learning On Cost Per Action Marketing

My Blog

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My thoughts and tips on getting started on affiliate marketing

Reach Out

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Questions? Advertise on this blog? You may reach out to me with this form. 

How I Can Help Your Business

With years of experience in the online marketing space - I can advise anything from funnel, to conversion optimization

With many years in the performance based online marketing industry, I have help businesses to achieve more than 8 figures in revenues.

For conversion optimization, I have help businesses to improve their website funnel to improve the overall conversions.

For paid traffic, I have advised companies on what is the best traffic source for them to pursue in order to get their most targeted visitors.

For ads performance, I have also helped companies to improve their advertising campaigns and for the same amount of money they spent, they are seeing more than 50% boost on the dollar spent.

Get in touch today and let me help you with the marketing side of your business.

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EXTRA BONUS - How To Survive The FB Game In 2019!

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