Hi everyone, my name is Benjamin Yong and I’m an internet marketer from Malaysia who has been making money online with affiliate marketing since 2010. Knowing the fact that affiliate marketing is such a lucrative business but most people are still unaware of it, I decided to launch this blog and offer some tips and guides on helping you to get started on making money with affiliate marketing just like me.

Being in the online performance marketing space for the past 7 years, I have mastered various paid traffic sources which include social, search, display, native, and pop. I am also a speaker, and a coach and from time to time you can see me speaking at different affiliate marketing event like Affiliate World Conference.

Being known as a STM Thought Leader in the Stack That Money Forum, my success stories have inspired many entrepreneurs to start a business online especially in affiliate marketing.

How I Got Started

I’m a guy who has been looking for ways to earn more money since college. I have been working part time since high school and I told myself that once I graduate from university, I would not want to work for anyone else, living in a robot-like 9-5 lifestyle. That’s just not what I want.

After I graduated from university, I involved myself in some multi-level marketing schemes that I believed which can make me rich, but they all failed me. It was not until May 2010 and through a friend, I discovered a career that really changed my life – internet marketing.

Without any mentoring, I started learning internet marketing from scratch – I googled everything I could which are internet marketing related. On and off I invested about $5000 (RM15,000) in it. Owing to Asian’s conservative mindset – that all money related stuff online are scam, I received no support at all, from the friends around me, even my own family members. I, however, did not give up and I believe that I can achieve something in this business.

My life remains unchanged until October 2011. At that point I’ve invested almost all my savings onto paid advertising without positive return. I left only 3 figures of savings in my bank account. It was so stressful. I knew I must launch some profitable campaigns or else, my life would end up being miserable. So I gave it my last shot. I rang up my Affiliate Manager, obtained one dating offer from her, and I set up a campaign on Facebook…

Boom… That campaign exploded!

I must say it was the most exciting moment I’ve experienced in my life. My campaigns were giving me as high as 300% ROI, just imagine every 10 seconds I refresh my affiliate network dashboard, I could see a $10+ increment on my earnings…

The whole campaign lasted for 2 months and it netted me about $10,000 (RM30,000). And I knew after all, that all these shit really work! Till then I focused fully on internet marketing and made it my life-long career.

Currently I’m generating leads and sales to advertisers with Facebook Ads and Google Ads and I just love this job. It allows me to work anytime anywhere, and whenever I want.

If you are interested to learn how to be as successful as I do, you can visit my blog for more info.