This is my second affiliate event in 2014 after Affiliate Summit West @ Las Vegas.

As usual, Jordan , Lorenzo, Besmir and the crews did a really amazing meetup this time at this affiliate-centered city – Bangkok.

STM Meetup was held in Bangkok
STM Meetup was held in Bangkok

Since it’s so near to Malaysia, I made it a “must-attend” event for my students. I’m glad that they made it too, it shows how determined they are to succeed in this business (and this is exactly the pushing factor you need).

The upcoming super affiliates from CPA Alliance
The upcoming super affiliates from CPA Alliance

Most people, especially Asians, do not have enough faith in online businesses like what we are doing. Therefore it is vital to attend similar event in order to strengthen your beliefs, your faith, and also regain the strength to achieve something in it. You get to meet like-minded people, share information, listening to success stories. Often these are the ingredients needed to push yourself to the next level.

The main event is on 14th of March. As a speaker, I was told to arrive earlier at the venue to prepare for speeches and do a simple rehearsal at 4pm. I became so stressful when being told that there will be 300+ people in attendance. Gosh, I’ve never done a public speaking to this size of audience in the past. It wasn’t only me, Jordan, Lorenzo, Besmir, Maynzie were also stressful as we have no public speaking experience at all!

The owners behind STM - Besmir, Jordan, and Lorenzo Green.
The owners behind STM – Besmir, Jordan, and Lorenzo Green.

Now I can understand why are they so successful in this industry! Kudos to them for being so brave and making things happened, despite everyone has zero experience & never done it in the past.

The speaker line up on that night:

  1. Lorenzo
  2. Stackman (Jordan)
  3. Besmir
  4. Maynzie (Josh)
  5. Caurmen (Hugh)
  6. Tal
  7. Nickycake
  8. Yeahmobi CEO
  9. Myself
  10. Tim

The topics covered were also very interesting. I couldn’t recall everything exactly but it was mainly on angle creation, outsourcing, live case studies, travel tips, motivational speech… The CEO from Yeahmobi also shared the mobile traffic potential on China market.

Didn’t able to make it for this event? Don’t worry, the crews at 317 Media has recorded the whole event and it will be available in Stack That Money Forum for download. There is no reason not to watch this video because so much of tips have been shared and revealed.

A big thank to F5 Media too for giving me this opportunity to share my experience and advises on the stage. It was such a good experience and I’ve learnt so much from it (especially the public speaking part).

Seriously I love these guys <3
Seriously I love these guys <3
Selfie with my "darling".
Selfie with my “darling”.

I was able to catch up with few friends whom I met during ASW too. Needless to say we had some really good time together. 😛

Besides Wealth, affiliate marketing has also blessed me with international friendship.

My Angry Bird friend - Michael
My Angry Bird friend – Michael
My partner and myself @ Route66
My partner and myself @ Route66

The biggest take away for me from this event is that, I manage to obtain a few contacts that can help to grow my business in the coming months. You see, during such events you can expect to meet a lot of ad network reps and cpa network reps. It’s always good to meet in person and discuss the potential of doing business together.

Taken while I was speaking on the stage during STM Bangkok meetup. Credit to 317 Media.
Taken while I was speaking on the stage during STM Bangkok meetup. Credit to 317 Media.

By showing up yourself on an event like this, you are in fact telling others that you are doing this as a business, and you can expect  them to give you more attention next time they are dealing with you online.

Apart from that, you will never know if you are able to meet some friends who can later turn into your business partner. I’ve heard so many stories from my top affiliate friends that they met their current business partner from event like this, and their revenue has then doubled or even tripled!

Overall, the event has been a really successful one. I managed to meet a lot of new friends and exchanged plenty of business contacts as well. Hopefully there will be another meetup like this in Asia soon.

*** Hint ***

I know Charles Ngo is planning on his Asia tours right now (don’t quote my name)


Right folks, back to grinding mode!


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    • Stackman

      Awesome recap! We’ll be seeing you soon

    • djcrunk

      So Peter Zou (Yeahmobi’s CEO) was there? Man I wish I have attended. It’s been great working with them so far. And seems the real courses and education on mobile are happening in Asia right now. Just see the same shady fuckers launching products here. Only forums like STM are worth paying for. Hope to read more from you Ben, keep up the good work, thanks.

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