Who could ever have imagined that Facebook banned crypto ads while he himself create a new one–Libra!

Does it means that we can unscrupulously advertise the cryptocurrency in the future? 

Of course not!

They don’t seem to have much to do with the delivery of crypto, but apart from this, we can actually predict some of the effects on affiliate marketing.

Libra, the name of Facebook’s cryptocurrency project, his white papers and overwhelmed news tells us that this is not an investment-like currency like Bitcoin, and friends who want to use it to trade the currency can stop. Like his literal meaning, Libra hopes to maintain the stability of the money market like Libra. Yes, Libra is a stable currency. If you buy a Libra for $1, then his value will always be $1. For other countries. For people, there is at most only exchange rate fluctuations.

What is the purpose of issuing Libra currency?

Maybe you will think that the Internet world is so developed, money circulation and payment are not a big problem, but the world you see is only a part of what you know, you may be lucky, or the conditions are good to keep up with the times. The pace of development has been facilitated. In fact, there are still 1.7 billion adults in the world who are not exposed to the financial system and cannot enjoy the financial services provided by traditional banks. Among them, 1 billion people own mobile phones, nearly 500 million. People can go online.

Throughout the world, the poor pay more for financial services. Their hard-earned income is used to cover a variety of complex expenses, such as remittance fees, wire transfer fees, overdraft fees, and ATM fees. The annualized interest rate on payday loans may reach 400% or even higher, and the financial services for borrowing only $100 can be as much as $30. When asked why they are still on the verge of the current financial system, those who still “have not opened a bank account” often point out that there are not enough funds, all kinds of expensive and unpredictable expenses, banks are too far away, and lack of necessary formalities.

Libra plus blockchain technology can solve these problems. We know that the blockchain has higher security and privacy, and it can realize the faster transfer of money and lower commissions, so that it can be solved. The current aging and cost issues can be foreseen. As long as there are enough organization joins Libra, perhaps we only need to recharge Libra to purchase any goods, no need to bind the bank card, no need for high procedures fees. In other words, have improved your pick rate! And now there are many organizations that have joined Libra’s payment, Libra is expected to be in the future.

So, here, as a sensitive affiliate, have you already smelled any useful information?

Yes, with Libra, we may have more market opportunities and less resistance.

Guess one, no longer need a credit card to bind a real person account. It is easy to be banned when running black hat, so now the FB account, especially with the real card number is very precious. If Libra is used in the future, will FB release the binding restrictions on credit cards in order to push the virtual currency? Will it easier to get our account number? This is entirely possible. Libra can definitely be used for payment on the FB platform. For example, the recharge of an advertising account can be directly used by Libra, which may reduce the obstacles to our previous recharge.

Guess two, the offer conversion will be improved. As mentioned before a lot of people who have not yet touched the financial system and have not enjoyed financial services. If Libra can be widely promoted, it can open up a broader market for us. In some countries, people may not have a well-developed payment system, and few people have credit cards. Then we may give up this part of the market considering conversion and sign-off issues. Don’t these people want to buy something? Of course not, shopping is a human nature, but hardware and technology limited. If Libra can cover the world well, those who have been blocked will be able to release their orders. And we don’t need to keep the little cakes on the plate, there will be a lot of fresh markets waiting for us to make a big show. Southeast Asia is a typical potential market with a large population and likes to shop, but their credit card penetration rate is low. For example, only 3-5% of people in Indonesia have credit cards, and payment methods are relatively backward. If Libra solves the payment problem, Then, the market opportunity of the whole Southeast Asia can be comparable to half of China, which is absolutely good for affiliate.

In addition to the broad market, offer conversion may be improved. We may successfully brought users to LP, but lost in the the final step on the payment interface due to the payment methods limited. If Libra can achieve globally, you can reduce the barriers to user payment, and get a better conversion.

Well the invention of Libra sounds a bit interesting? Of course, all of the above are just a guess. Zuckerberg will decide how it goes. If you have any thoughts, please drop a message, we can discuss together.

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