Neverblue is at it again!

In conjunction with Ad-Tech Singapore, Neverblue will be doing an interact event in Singapore on the 7th of July. I am being invited as the guest speaker and the topics that I'm going to talk about are 100% mobile related.

Topics that I am going to cover:

  • Why Mobile CPA Marketing?
  • Which mobile tracking solution to use, and why
  • Offer selection – high payout/low payout offer?
  • Verticals that are making money in mobile CPA marketing.
  • Mobile optimization
  • Mobile offers to run in Neverblue – with huge potential!
  • and much more…

The event is free so everyone who is interested to learn more about Mobile CPA Marketing or would like to take your affiliate business to the next level is welcome!

Speaking about Neverblue Interact event, I used to attend the one in Singapore (the same as this one) back in year 2011.

I was a complete newbie back then, knowing nothing about CPA marketing just like you. The moment I found out about the potential of CPA marketing, I made myself a promise that I want to be one of these successful guys who make a lot of money while travelling around the world.

Inspiration and determination are the gifts I brought back from that event. Within few month's time, I've obtained my first success story.

And now, 3 years later, I feel deeply honoured that Neverblue is having me as their guest speaker for this upcoming event. It means a lot to me and I would definitely want to contribute as much info as I can to help building the affiliate community in Asia.

Why You Should Attend This Event:

  • To have a better understanding of this online career so that you can build up your faith and confidence – without them you are not going to make it work for you.
  • I met a few friends during the event I attended and they have helped me a lot in this lonely entrepreneurship journey. You never know who you going to meet in such event that can give you a HUGE impact on your business.

To register for this event, click here:


I look forward seeing you guys on the actual day of event!

[feature_box style=”18″ title=”About Neverblue” alignment=”center”]

Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Neverblue is the leading global performance-based online marketing company specializing in lead generation and client acquisition. Through the powerful medium of Internet, Neverblue successfully matches advertising clients with solid business leads, registrations and sales.

Neverblue formed in 2004 with four partners eager to explore the online marketplace's endless opportunities. From start-up to industry heavyweight, today the company has three international offices in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and London to better service international client needs.

In 2012, Neverblue was acquired by GlobalWide Media, a global leader in performance based marketing. Together, Neverblue, GlobalWide Media, and Pulse Mobile provide the complete suite of digital marketing services for advertisers, agencies, and affiliates.

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