If you are from Asia, and you are interested to learn how to start your affiliate business online, then there is no reason for you not to attend the upcoming Affiliate World Asia Conference which will be held at Bangkok from 6-7 December 2017.

I remember when I first started in the online marketing space, there was no conference held in Asia. To meet with my advertisers and business friends, I had to fly 30+ hours, all the way to Affiliate Summit West held in Las Vegas. Not to mention the long hours of flight, but you also have to spend a lot more money because it ain't cheap at all to visit a place like Vegas.

The good news is, the crews behind Stack That Money have moved the best conference for affiliates to Bangkok – Asia. This is indeed one of the best news because you no longer have to fly all the way to Vegas just to attend a show like this. Do I also have to mention the fact that Bangkok is a super fun city to be visited? 😉

Speaking about the conference, I can still clearly recall that the first one was held in Bangkok 4 years ago, and it was no where near what the conference is now. It was more like a gathering done by the owners behind STM Forum – and few people from the industry were being invited to speak on the stage on their experience in making money online, and glad to say that I was one of them. I was also one of the many speakers for this show held last year, sharing the stage with my best buddy Charles Ngo.

Fast forward to 2017, they are doing it again and this time, it's gonna be BIGGER and BETTER! As far as I know more than 150 affiliate companies would fly in from all around the world just to talk about business. Doesn't matter if you are into affiliate or Ecommerce, as long as you are from Asia and you have never done any conference in the past, you just have no reason to waste this opportunity!

Besides, there are gonna be plenty of parties for you to get to know more like minded people. The conference itself already include networking parties for both nights.

Aside from meeting people, of course, you are gonna expect a lot of knowledge bomb will be dropped by some of the big names in this industry. This time, again, the legendary Neil Patel will be speaking. The conference also managed to have Alexander Nix speaking on the stage. For a full list of speakers, head over to their speaker list and find out yourself.

A lot of people actually say that attending conferences like this is a waste of money, which I disagree 100%. I must say that it is conferences like this that have let me excel to where I am today. It is through conferences like this where I get to meet new people, expand my business and also my networking circles. Truth to be told, I never imagined that I could have friends that can have net worth more than $10m at a young age (self made), now I do, thanks to the fact that I have been attending various conferences held in the past.

Now, to make things more exciting, I will be giving away 2x FREE tickets to this conference to my blog readers. To take part in this, just share this post on Facebook – and paste the direct URL of the shared post under the comment section. I will be selecting the winner before the 15th of November.

Good luck to everyone 😉

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    • Pritish

      It’s Just amazing what STM is doing for affiliates all across the world. I am sure small affiliates will benefit a lot from this conference as it is cheaper and for most affiliates in Asia, a flight down the neighborhood to Bangkok.

      Ben, It will really be a life-changing moment for all the affiliates to meet and share the flow of ideas and methods of doing marketing.

      I am definitely going to the conference!

      • Benjamin Yong

        Great! Look forward seeing you there as well!

    • Pritish

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